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Musicians For Hire

Calgary, AB

Desert Stream is a gig band in Calgary, AB. 

Contact us at 403 463 8861 or at

Jarret Mayo

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,

12 String Guitar, Classical Guitar

and Pedal Steel Guitar

Jarret has studied Pop Music and Sound Technology at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and has worked consistently since as a musician and audio engineer. He has performed and recorded with Calgary artists like Carter Felker, Clea Anaïs, Astral Swans, Shebear, and a Day as Wolves. Jarret loves the way that learning a new instrument changes the way you approach another, and loves to employ this palette of sonic colour and texture with different artists, across a variety of musical backdrops. He is also a passionate traveler, and a lover of coffee, Vonnegut, and good films.

Tyler Peacock

Keys, Piano, Trumpet,

Vocals and Songwriter

Tyler studied music at Rocky Mountain College before completing a diploma program in jazz performance at Mount Royal University, and later on a series of courses on songwriting at Prairie College under the tuition of Brian Doerksen. He has played in many bands and ensembles, accompanied classes at the Alberta Ballet School, and recorded an EP of original music. A family man of three kids, what spare time he might have on occasion gets filled up with friends, music, and games of Dungeons and Dragons.

Freddy Narooz

Drums, Cajon, Vocals, Trumpet

and Various Percussion

Freddy was born into a musical family and started learning the basics of music theory on the trumpet with his school band in Jordan. He then took lessons in piano and drums before moving to Calgary, Canada at the age of 15. Since his arrival, Freddy has followed his heart realizing that music is his first language and got involved in his high school band then college orchestra, where he met Tyler and Melissa. He went on to try everything from acting in movies and short films, to performing vocals at the Calgary Epcor Centre to teaching next generation of musicians drums and trumpet lessons to playing with local bands, where he met Jarret thorough Melissa. In 2018, Freddy graduated from an advanced clinical therapy program and has integrated his musical love and skill with his healing knowledge to help local musicians with their playing posture as they share their talent with the world. His wellness centre Desert Stream is named after the band.

Melissa Dorsey

Vocals, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, 

Trombone and Percussion

Melissa studied music at Rocky Mountain College and has studied vocal pedagogy at Berklee University in Boston, MA. She’s performed musicals with Birnton Theatricals and Jubilations Dinner Theatre, composed music for Heritage Park's original musicals and toured with HOJA all around western Canada. In her small amount of spare time she likes swimming, playing tennis with her husband Trevor and playing board games with friends.



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